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Jessica Tasman-Jones

Financial journalist focussed on covering asset allocation, portfolio construction, ETFs, investment trusts and ESG for the UK discretionary fund management industry


DFMs split on whether CLOs are friend or foe

Despite record issuance in 2018, CLOs remain tarnished by the financial crisis. A decade on from the depths of the global financial crisis, collateralised loan obligations (CLOs) are on track for a record year. There were 106 deals in the US during the second quarter, up 60% on Q1 and totalling $56.5bn, according to Moody’s Investors Services.

Hargreaves slams questions over Wealth 150 omission

Fundsmith Equity shunned despite lower fees and longer track record than some constituents. Hargreaves Lansdown has come out fighting against critics who say its rationale for shunning Fundsmith Equity from its Wealth 150 doesn’t stack up and that the investment platform is not one to criticise others about fees.

UK funds invest £650m in Trump detention camps

St James’s Place (SJP), Neptune and Aviva Investors are among asset managers with £657.7m in three companies connected with US detention camps holding immigrants and their children. One asset manager cited its environmental, social and governance (ESG) approach when questioned about why it held a company exposed to the camps, while others stated the funds were run by third-party managers in a sub-advised mandate.

Baillie Gifford silent on failure to disclose manager exit

Baillie Gifford has refused to comment on why it did not disclose the exit of a named fund manager on its US Growth trust less than a week after launch. Andrei Kiselev (pictured) left Baillie Gifford on 29 March 2018, six days after the launch of the US Growth trust. The asset manager did not issue a press statement or regulatory filing announcing Kiselev’s exit.

Investors exposed to soaring duration in Vanguard Lifestrategy

Vanguard’s £9.6bn Lifestrategy range is exposing investors to interest rate risk, as governments and corporates buying up cheap, long-dated debt skew duration in indices that the passives giant tracks. Duration varies between 9.1 and 9.2 years in the four products in the Lifestrategy range that allocate to fixed income, according to Morningstar.

Meet the manager: Jupiter’s Chatfeild-Roberts on youthful enthusiasm versus experience

Jupiter’s fund-of-funds veteran explains his choice of manager to replace Woodford in his portfolios. “In a raging bull market, young fund managers can often generate stellar performance but, on balance, experience trumps youthful enthusiasm.”. So wrote John Chatfeild-Roberts in his 2006 book, Fundology.

Divided but conquering? A deep dive into the DFM market

As discretionary fund managers continue to grow in assets and importance in the adviser community, Money Marketing research has cast new light on the market’s impact on planning. More than 400 advisers and paraplanners responded to a Money Marketing survey on the DFM market. Ninety per cent of respondents used at least one DFM and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive: when asked for a rating out of 10, the average adviser rated their DFM 8.7.

Is QE creating a bubble for carbon-intensive assets?

In July, Bank of England governor Mark Carney will present a report to the G20 outlining climate risks to financial stability, but London School of Economic researchers argue the central bank’s own corporate bond buying programme could undermine the report’s recommendations.
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Franklin Templeton’s Morton: ‘I was positioned for Brexit without realising it’

Blue-chip stocks have always been a favourite of Colin Morton for their “secure and reliable” characteristics.
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Does Theresa May’s Brexit strategy mean anything for investors?

Since the Brexit referendum result was revealed in June investors have grappled with an uncertain economic outlook for the UK – does May’s speech change anything?
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Invesco’s Stephanie Butcher: ‘Investors don’t give Europe the benefit of the doubt’

The degree of knowledge of the political scene in Europe among international investors amazes Invesco Perpetual fund manager Stephanie Butcher.
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European Families in Business Awards 2015

I worked with an audiovisual professional to complete this video of the annual CampdenFB European Families in Business Awards – an event I helped to organise.


Jessica Tasman-Jones

News editor at Portfolio Adviser covering the UK discretionary fund management industry.

Multimedia experience in both financial and general news, including national news media. Previous employers include Fairfax Media and TVNZ in New Zealand, plus Centaur Media in the UK.