Jessica Tasman-Jones


London, UK

Jessica Tasman-Jones

Financial journalist focussed on intermediated fund management.


Is QE creating a bubble for carbon-intensive assets?

In July, Bank of England governor Mark Carney will present a report to the G20 outlining climate risks to financial stability, but London School of Economic researchers argue the central bank’s own corporate bond buying programme could undermine the report’s recommendations.
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Franklin Templeton’s Morton: ‘I was positioned for Brexit without realising it’

Blue-chip stocks have always been a favourite of Colin Morton for their “secure and reliable” characteristics.
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Does Theresa May’s Brexit strategy mean anything for investors?

Since the Brexit referendum result was revealed in June investors have grappled with an uncertain economic outlook for the UK – does May’s speech change anything?
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Invesco’s Stephanie Butcher: ‘Investors don’t give Europe the benefit of the doubt’

The degree of knowledge of the political scene in Europe among international investors amazes Invesco Perpetual fund manager Stephanie Butcher.
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European Families in Business Awards 2015

I worked with an audiovisual professional to complete this video of the annual CampdenFB European Families in Business Awards – an event I helped to organise.

News section

An example of the news pages that I put together for CampdenFO
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Right on Target

Exit interview with the CEO of Okabena Company, Chris Galloway, who retired after two decades at the single family office that serves the family who started discount retailer Target.
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Hidden Treasure

A look into the secretive world of freeports, where the world's wealthy store their art and other high-end collectibles.
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Moving up the grid

Profile of Williams F1 deputy team principal Claire Williams, daughter of Sir Frank Williams.
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Family offices divided on Bitcoin’s place on risk spectrum

Family offices are allocating money to Bitcoin from two opposing ends of the risk-return spectrum.

Global Impact

News analysis examining a G8 task force launched to encourage "impact investing".
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Top 60 Family Business Moments

Infographic to celebrate CampdenFB's 60th edition by recognising 60 important family business moments from the post-War era.
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Jessica Tasman-Jones

Deputy editor at Centaur Media writing for Money Marketing and Fund Strategy with a focus on investment news and features.

Multimedia experience in both financial and general news, including national news media. Previous employers include Fairfax Media and TVNZ in New Zealand.